Namutech Forms cloud forest


5G Cloud Infrastructure

NAMUTECH provides the infrastructure for 5G services by quickly building virtualized system resources and IT resources through cloud computing. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and businesses with various functions to store and process data in privately owned or third-party data centers and can be serviced anytime, anywhere.

NAMUTECH provides all of the cloud computing essential for 5G service.

Build Cloud Platform through the use of OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker Container.

Build Software Defined Storage with VXFLEX and Ceph

Implement Hyperconverged Infrastructure with VxRail and Nutanix

Cocktail Cloud Platform to build, manage, and service cloud environment

Major Use Cases for Cloud Computing Service

Establishment of a cloud-based infrastructure for Telco 5G services

Network Function Virtualization with Software Defined Server, Storage, and Network Infrastructure

Large-capacity 5G traffic service with auto-scalling

Configure Edge Cloud and Center Cloud

5G Cloud Infrastructure Major Performances

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