Acornsoft to ignite entering the Singaporean Market, holds a meeting with SGX and local investors

On the 16th of July, NAMUTECH and its subsidiary Acornsoft held a meeting regarding attracting strategic investment to be listed in Singapore with SGX and local investors.

SGX and local investors visited the headquarters and had a meeting regarding registering for Pre-IPO, IPO, and sponsorship.

Acornsoft is pushing ahead to list on the Catalist, which is the SMB category of SGX.

According to the investment banking industry, Catalist market does not have difficult requirements, puts focus on the future value, and invests in the longterm growth. Its feature is that the company value can be evaluated highly.

Acornsoft with CapBridge, an organization invested by SGX, entered into a fundraising agreement to raise 10m USD.

Acornsoft and NAMUTECH focus on Platform as a Service (PaaS), a field of cloud service. They developed ‘Cocktail Cloud’ a container management platform that supports multi-hybrid cloud based on Kubernetes, an opensource managed by Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Cocktail Cloud’s features include efficiently developing, deploying, and operating applications based on containers on whatever environment whether it is public or private, hybrid, multi-cloud, or bare metal.