Namutech Forms cloud forest


Build an Azure-based machine learning/AI platform

As a Microsoft partner, we develop data products, build data platforms and pipelines, and train and provides technical support using Azure machine learning services and data services.

Data Product (Model) Development

Building a data pipeline utilizing IoT and Serverless

Building an Azure based Machine Learning and AI Platform

Major Performance

Implementing Cloud

Since 2011

Private and Public Cloud

Cloud Migration

Hybrid Architecture

Big Data Platform

Since 2012

Hadoop and Spark

Big Data Platform (SKT)

Solution Development

Since 2015

Openstack OpenOps VDI

OpenStack OpenOps Manager

Microservices Architecture (MSA)

Microsoft Partner

Since 2016

Azure Migration

Open source Technical Support

Azure Cloud Training

Internet of Things

Since 2018

OCF Framework Interlink

IoT Control Server Development (Samsung Electronics)

Azure Cloud Data & AI

Since 2019

Bigdata Migration(Data Factory HDInsight/DataBricks)

Machine Learning / Cognitive


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