NAMUTECH’ Cocktail Cloud’ passed the first PaaS examination for the digital service contract system


‘Cocktail Cloud,’ a cloud-native service-type platform of NAMUTECH, passed the PaaS sector examination for the digital service contract system.

Accordingly, ‘Cocktail Cloud’ acquired PaaS service certification for the first time in Korea.

Acornsoft, NAMUTECH’s cloud platform developer company, has passed the examination of the digital service contract system that allows public institutions to easily and quickly use the cloud.

Cocktail Cloud is a cloud-native platform that provides a continuous development, deployment, and operation environment for cloud-based applications such as containers and microservices.

It provides a cloud infrastructure integrated management, automated continuous integration and distribution operation management required for application development and operation, service catalog, auto-scaling according to load, and dynamic resource management through a simple and convenient GUI.

An official at NAMUTECH said that “Cocktail Cloud is the only PaaS solution in Korea currently in the cloud computing service of the digital service contract system, and it is significant that it was passed as the first PaaS by a national institution.” He also added, “In the future, we will take the lead in activating cloud solutions with cloud solution partners and public institutions.”

NAMUTECH plans to actively participate in cloud platform business with various cloud solution partners with Cocktail Cloud.