NAMUTECH establishes a VDI-based telecommuting environment for a domestic conglomerate

NAMUTECH (CEO Chul Jung) announced on the 7th that it had completed establishing a telecommuting environment for a domestic conglomerate using an enterprise remote work solution.

With the recent increase in corporate telecommuting, the demand for desktop virtualization (VDI)-based digital work environment solution that manages employee PCs’ primary data and applications on a central server and prevents data leakage at the source is increasing.

An official from NAMUTECH said, “To protect employees and increase work productivity, more and more companies are implementing digital work systems to work from home.” He added, “Recently, we have built a work environment that applies a VDI system that can cover tens of thousands of employees of large corporations.”

With the adoption of VDI, employees can use various devices such as laptops and smartphones to work at home or on the go. Since no data is stored in the work processing device and managed by a central server, Companies can prevent internal data leakage.

If a public cloud is used here, the organization can establish the VDI environment in just a few days. In contrast, the expansion period of the existing on-premises system, including hardware expansion, takes several months. Utilizing the public cloud gives the advantage of quickly and flexibly responding to emergencies.

The company’s executives and employees that have implemented a digital work environment have a high level of satisfaction. From the user’s point of view, they can utilize commuting time, improve their quality of life, and reduce unnecessary face-to-face meetings and paperwork, leading to cost savings.

To provide a stable work environment for overseas subsidiaries and business travelers and to increase productivity, the large corporation supported by NAMUTECH implemented a cloud-based VDI system environment for tens of thousands of domestic and overseas employees, as well as telecommuting employees.

NAMUTECH provides digital workspace, networking, analytics, and monitoring solutions. In particular, NCC, a VDI integrated management solution, enables integrated management of various apps and infrastructure resources as one and provides a single login function to ensure high security.

Users can access the work environment anytime, anywhere in various OS environments regardless of any device such as PC, laptop, or mobile through the NCC portal.

An official from NAMUTECH said, “With the increasing demand for VDI for remote work and smart work environment implementation, NAMUTECH has recently built a large-scale telecommuting solution system with more than tens of thousands of people by combining Citrix and its solution, NCC.” He also added, “We will continue to focus on improving work continuity and productivity by supporting the establishment of a stable corporate-type telecommuting environment.”