NAMUTECH launches OpenShift based cloud platform ‘CCO’


NAMUTECH (CEO Chul Jung) announced on the 25th that it would launch a Kubernetes integrated product, ‘Cocktail Cloud on OpenShift (CCO).’

CCO is a product that applies Red Hat’s enterprise Kubernetes solution, Red Hat OpenShift, to ‘Cocktail Cloud,’ a cloud-native platform of NAMUTECH. CCO facilitates the deployment and scaling of cloud-native applications.

NAMUTECH and Red Hat Korea signed an MOU to target the cloud-native platform market in December 2021. The two companies promoted joint business cooperation, such as forming a TF for convergence PaaS platform development. They successfully went through the technology verification process leading to the release of an integrated product.

CCO is an all-in-one product with Cocktail Cloud PaaS integrated with Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine to help enterprises adopt container technology. It provides an optimized operating environment for container-based flexible application development and multi-cloud environments.

This product maximizes ease of use by providing a UI optimized for the existing Red Hat OpenShift user environment by offering services optimized for the Korean language and customized services to meet corporate requirements.

In addition, it is possible to quickly respond to resource management and expansion needs with the multi-cluster management function regardless of the type and number of Kubernetes clusters and the multi-tenancy function for each organization. It provides flexible applications and an optimized operating environment in a hybrid cloud environment.

The package provides multi-cluster integrated management, pipeline automation from build, deployment, update, DevOps workspace, and integrated monitoring.

Through this, organizations within the enterprise can freely build containers for each project and provide an independent development infrastructure. Administrators can utilize an integrated monitoring dashboard to view and manage them easily.

CCO provides a cloud environment that enables integrated management of all applications, physical servers, and cloud infrastructure deployed in multi-cluster from a single control point screen.

This product maximizes the synergy between the two products by providing a DevOps portal for integrated management of the polymorphic public Kubernetes cluster of OpenShift Cluster and Cocktail Cloud by increasing scalability and convenience.

Existing Cocktail Cloud users can utilize the latest version of Kubernetes services and stably optimized open sources that Red Hat OpenShift has.

Red Hat OpenShift users can use the convenient UI and DevOps portal provided by Cocktail Cloud. They can use APIs that can be easily connected to services optimized for the domestic market.

NAMUTECH plans to acquire ‘Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification’ with Cocktail Cloud soon.