NAMUTECH, strengthens the cloud market penetration with IaaS·PaaS combined solution and CMP

NAMUTECH (CEO Chul Jung) is taking a second leap in the cloud market with a solution that combines its platform as a service (PaaS) solution, “Cocktail Cloud,” and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). To this end, it invested in DevStack (CEO Seungwook Jang), an OpenStack-based cloud company, to strengthen the cooperation system.

Both companies are targeting the public and financial markets. For this, they are planning to release an ‘IaaS & PaaS Integrated Solution’ that combines ‘Cocktail Cloud,’ a PaaS solution owned by NAMUTECH, and IaaS based on DevStack’s GPU virtualization. They also plan to develop a cloud management platform (CMP) jointly.

Currently, the domestic cloud market is mainly formed around IaaS, and the domestic cloud market is expected to reach 3.44 trillion won in 2021. In particular, the IaaS area is expected to grow the fastest. For this reason, NAMUTECH is analyzed to have launched a solution that integrates IaaS into its PaaS solution.

DevStack was founded in November 2015 by CEO Seungwook Jang with ETRI Holdings and is a technology-based company designated as an ETRI Research Institute in January 2016. It has also been developing and providing GPU virtualization-based public cloud services for the first time in Korea since 2017 based on ‘Open Stack,’ an open-source software capable of building public and private clouds.

DevStack provides OpenStack-based solutions to various customers by applying open-source computational resource virtualization, GPU virtualization and container, and machine learning technologies, including OpenStack-based multi-cloud management portals. DevStack recently won a project to build a private cloud management solution based on OpenStack for a large company and conduct proof of concept (POC). Together with NAMUTECH, it has completed PoC for a conglomerate group company’s cloud management platform project and is foreseeing a full-fledged business is ahead.

Major clients secured by DevStack include large companies, universities, and research institutes. Some include KAIST, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, SK Hynix, SK Broadband, Hana TI, LG U+, and Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute.

Chul Jung, CEO of NAMUTECH, said, “We will launch a SaaS model based on this by integrating our own cloud platform ‘Cocktail’ with DevStack’s OpenStack-based solution and construction technology, and steadily increasing our share in the global cloud market.”

Seungwook Jang, CEO of DevStack, said, “With this investment, we will focus on upgrading OpenStack-based IaaS solutions and developing cloud management platforms to gain competitiveness and expand the domestic market and enter the global market.” He also added, “We will work to lead the cloud market with NAMUTECH.”