NAMUTECH supplies’ Cocktail Cloud’ to Hyundai Card

| Multi-hybrid cloud platform configuration and legacy application container migration


Hyundai Card adopted NAMUTECH’s ‘Cocktail Cloud’ to implement a container and Kubernetes-based multi/hybrid cloud platform and containerize its legacy applications.

NAMUTECH explained that Hyundai Card improved its IT resource efficiency and scalability by supporting various web and app container services and DevOps while building PaaS. In particular, they added that solutions traditionally introduced to the financial sector have a high level of completeness and security requirements and have proven their technological prowess and safety.

In the future, NAMUTECH plans to accelerate the acquisition of PaaS customers in the financial sector, such as banks and credit card companies, through the case of Hyundai Card.

‘Cocktail Cloud’ is a cloud-native platform for enterprises that provides multi-cluster and hybrid cloud environments. Users can manage all applications deployed in multi-clusters in a single control screen. It also has certifications for compatibility with the Kubernetes standard by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).