NAMUTECH to provide Cocktail Cloud to Shinhan Bank’s Digital Branches

NAMUTECH is supplying a cloud platform to Shinhan Bank to start targeting the financial market in earnest.

NAMUTECH supplied ‘Cocktail Cloud,’ a container-based cloud-native platform, to Shinhan Bank’s digital innovation branch service.

Shinhan Bank introduced artificial intelligence (AI) bankers to customer service for the first time in the financial sector. ‘Digilog Branch,’ a digital innovation store, is composed of a variety of digital devices, such as a ‘digital desk’ that enables financial consultation with employees through real-time video calls and a ‘smart kiosk’ that allows customers to create new accounts and issue cards on their own.

NAMUTECH implemented a Kubernetes orchestration environment that can increase the utilization of AI applications by providing ‘Cocktail Cloud,’ a cloud-native platform-type software (PaaS) product, to Shinhan Bank. Through this, it provides a platform (PaaS) for the build, distribution, and final service of artificial intelligence applications that require uninterrupted service.

“We will do our best to support digital financial services by providing a cloud-native-based AI application development platform,” said an official at NAMUTECH.