NAMUTECH to target DaaS market with Citrix, and KT

NAMUTECH signed a Memorandum of Agreement with KT and Citrix on the cloud-based DaaS market expansion.

Through this MoU, the three companies plan on co-developing a business model in the enterprise and finance industry and provide new services.

The three companies decided to focus on the rapidly growing corporate telecommuting market. They are introducing a package that combines KT’s cloud with NAMUTECH’s work-from-home solution and Citrix’s VDI technology plans to expand the business linking virtualization and cloud actively.

In detail, they decided to promote a wide range of cooperation measures such as the expansion of telecommuting business for businesses, joint business planning, and promotion to create a cloud ecosystem specialized non-face-to-face business solution marketing.

With that, NAMUTECH also released an Enterprise DaaS Trend Report. The report introduced DaaS services and trends attracting attention as corporate telecommuting solutions amid the digital change in the corporate work environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this report, readers can read on the DaaS service and VCC(Virtual Client Computing) market, which has been on the rise lately.

Recently, DaaS technology, which extends VDI to the cloud as a response method for enterprises to overcome the pandemic crisis, receives a lot of attention. DaaS, a desktop as a service, can implement a remote work environment quickly and flexibly. It has the advantage of reducing infrastructure costs and securing business continuity.