NAMUTECH’s ‘Cocktail Cloud’ acquires GS Certification Level 1

NAMUTECH (CEO Chul Jung) announced on the 18th that its cloud-native PaaS solution, ‘Cocktail Cloud v4.5’, has acquired GS certification Level 1 from the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association (TTA) Software (SW) Testing and Certification Lab.

GS certification is a nationally accredited software quality certification system. Based on ISO international standards, it is a certification granted by verifying nine items such as functional suitability, performance efficiency, compatibility, security, and portability of the software.

Cocktail Cloud is a platform for building, operating, and managing corporate cloud-native environments. It provides functions and a standard application programming environment (API) necessary for building, deploying, monitoring, and operating cloud-native applications.

NAMUTECH CEO Chul Jung said, “we are expecting to gain more momentum in the spread of PaaS in the public market with acquiring the level 1 of GS certification.