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NCC is an abbreviation of Namu Cloud Center and it shows NAMUTECH's commitment to being at the center of the cloud environment. It is the name of a representative brand that combines various cloud solutions into one product line.

Representative solution that integrates and manages various cloud solutions

Namu Cloud Center

Integrated Operations Management Solution


NCC-VDI provides a integrated management for XenServer/Nutanix based desktops and infrastructure monitoring. It is a solution to access virtual desktops, automate installation, monitor current statistics, and manage user accounts in an integrated manner.

  • It provides an automated way to create and deploy virtual desktops considering the users’ environment.
  • It provides a monitoring system for VDI status in response to system resources and problem occurrence.
  • It provides a web interface for the users’ convenience.
  • It provides a feature to deal with failures.
  • It provides a web portal for users and administrators.
  • It provides user VM access and self-service environment.

NCC-VDI is designed with a component-based architecture applied with large-scale distributed expansion, and is easy to maintain and supports a large-capacity operating
environment according to the business environment.

NCC WebDrive

NCC-WebDrive is a purely web based file storage solution and does not require the installation of a separate application. It follows the web standard and supports various operating systems without having to use Active-X.

  • Users can freely store files on the PC and virtual desktop.
  • When downloading files, it is linked with the approval system which allows users to only access files that they have been approved with.
  • It provides the history data regarding file access.
  • It provides a feature to transmit files between PCs and virtual PCs in VDI environment following a security protocol.
  • It provides a file transmission feature between networks, and a logging and file export approval feature.


NCC-VBR provides a VM and file backup/recovery function on XenServer based server and desktop virtualization infrastructure. It automatically identifies the virtualization infrastructure configurations, and provides a reliable and efficient backup and recovery by linking the standardized backup policies.

  • It provides a distributed process structure that supports large capacity infrastructure.
  • It provides intelligent task management for real-time response.
  • It provides an efficient backup/recovery architecture for virtualization infrastructure.
  • It provides SLA based task ranked management feature.
  • It provides a standardized backup.
  • It provides a backup feature for virtual OS, NAS/CIFS, OS file system.
  • It provides backup file replication function between remote DRs.

NCC-VBR automatically identifies the virtualization infrastructure configuration
and provides stable and efficient backup/recovery functions by linking standardized backup policies.

NCC Monitor

NCC-Monitor is a VDI monitoring integrated solution that enables users to respond quickly and reliably, and manage the infrastructure needed to operate VDI diversely and comprehensively.

  • It provides visibility data such as resource usage rate, threshold, configuration environment needed to manage virtualization environment.
  • It provides an environment to track and control failures.
  • It multi-analyzes anomaly alarms and resource usage of the VDI infrastructure which allows users to do an integrated management from a single screen.
  • It provides security management through various encryption methods.
  • It provides a detailed monitoring feature for each hypervisor, broker server, user VM, and network base.

NCC Monitoring is an integrated VDI monitoring solution that enables quick response
and stable management by comprehensively analyzing and analyzing resources
across the infrastructure required for VDI peration.

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