Roadmap Released: Cocktail Cloud 4.0

NAMUTECH released the roadmap for Cocktail Cloud 4.0.

Cocktail Cloud 4.0 is expected to have new or enhanced features for edge computing, hybrid cloud, platform catalog, workflow engine, and more.

This update of Cocktail Cloud will be able to support a wider range of infrastructure whether it is public cloud, physical machine, HCI, and more. This version also has a new feature called the ‘add-on’ on Kubernetes which can provide cluster resources with resilience. ‘Add-on’ automatically controls and updates clusters for big data, volumes, GPU based clusters, and service mesh from the center.

On the ‘add-on,’ the multi-network feature is added and the ‘node autoscaller’ feature has been added on AWS, GCP, and MS Azure.

These features will be launched in CES2020.