Namutech Forms cloud forest

Smart City

The smart city integrative platform converged technologies of the 4th industrial revolution such as office internet / big data / artificial intelligence / blockchain based on its IDC construction and operation know-how and multi/hybrid cloud operation technology and its cloud platform. Also, by implementing a data platform inside, it can solve various urban problems using data accumulated from multiple domains and enable sustainable urban system operation.

NAMUTECH is carrying out various activities to secure new opportunities in Smart City project. The current focus is on implementing a smart city integration platform that meets the global standards as a container-based MSA and applying and operating it to real projects.

After completing the initial concept design, we are designing the architecture, carrying out containerization of the existing smart home platform, and developing a real-time analysis platform in the data hub, which is the core technology of smart city. In the future, we will continue to develop a smart city integration platform that combines real-time data hub, AI/ML/DL and big data analysis platform technology, and smart car/home/factory technology based on multi-hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Smart City Performance

2018, March-December
Completion of Gimpo Smart City Plan
2019, March
Design progress after completion of Hyangsan basic design contract, resume after SPC establishment in 2020
2019, July
Received MP order and task for Ansan smart city platform
2019, October
October Won the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transports Innovation Growth Engine Project, G/A, Data Hub Real-Time Data Application Technology Development. project Data Hub Real-time Data Application
In discussion regarding Smart Town Challenge Project with Local Governments in Seoul

NAMUTECH is developing a smart city integrated platform with its technology. It is working on project orders for smart city platforms and various city solutions in domestic as well as overseas. Companies and individuals who want to cooperate with various software, solutions, or business models on the smart city project conducted by the NAMUTECH can discuss with the NAMUTECH smart city representative through the link below.

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