TNMeta – Chung-Ang University, to implement NFT-based Metaverse Campus


TNMeta announced on the 22nd that it had signed a business agreement with Chung-Ang University’s Blockchain Service Research Center for ‘Meta-Versity.’

TNMeta and Chung-Ang University Blockchain Service Research Center plan to implement a participatory metaverse environment where students directly produce and share NFTs based on Web 3.0.

The metaverse that many universities are building is just focusing on 3D modeling of the real world. As the service focuses on events such as campus tours and entrance ceremonies, it is insufficient to continuously utilize the campus metaverse space for one-off events where actual students come in and experience once.

TNMeta and Chung-Ang University Blockchain Service Research Center will jointly develop Meta-Versity to support community-based social connections so that students can live a second campus life.

In-Yeob Baek, CEO of TNMeta, said, “During the three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, college students who have become accustomed to non-face-to-face university life have a lot of trouble adapting to the unfamiliar new environment as they go to school. However, through Meta-Versity, students will be able to enjoy a new university life by crossing the virtual space and the real environment.”

Hangbae Chang, director of Chung-Ang University’s Blockchain Service Research Center (University IT Research Center Support Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication), said, “Blockchain technology, which is currently focused on virtual currency, will be utilized in various industries through this business agreement and will be able to contribute to the creation of new innovative values.”

Meanwhile, TNMeta is a joint venture established in April by TTC Edu, an education company that entrusts non-curricular education courses at over 50 universities across the country, and NAMUTECH, a specialized cloud company.