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Harness a unified platform with NetScaler for a simplified, secure, and enhanced operational environment.


Netscaler fills the void between what conventional ADC vendors provide and the imperative need for rapid, secure application delivery. Experience centralized ADC task management on our platform.



Rooted in a singular operating system, Netscaler guarantees seamless and fortified application delivery across all ADC formats – be it hardware, software, or a hybrid blend.


High-Performance Application Capabilities

High-Performance Application Capabilities

With a single-pass architecture for minimum latency and optimal CPU utilization, our platform provides a common operating system and a single management plane for all form factors, enabling easy and consistent management of ADC across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Comprehensive Application and API Security

Comprehensive Application and API Security

Deliver uniform protection for applications and APIs across your entire environment without compromising performance. Using a code-centric approach to ADC deployment, our platform automates the delivery of the best-performing applications based on user-defined policies, showcasing exceptional performance while maintaining robust security.

Faster Problem Resolution through Deep Observability

Faster Problem Resolution through Deep Observability

With real-time insights and extensive analytics for optimal application performance and swift problem resolution, our platform handles security and other ADC functionalities, reducing latency and delivering ultra-fast application performance.



Load Balancing

Netscaler evenly distributes incoming traffic across multiple servers, preventing bottlenecks. This enhances application performance and response times. In case of disruptions, traffic reroutes to backup servers, ensuring continued service and optimal resource utilization.


SSL/TLS Offloading

NetScaler’s SSL/TLS offloading decrypts incoming traffic at the ADC, then re-encrypts before sending to backend servers. This speeds up transactions and maintains security, while also simplifying certificate management, ensuring a streamlined and secure operation.


Dynamic Scaling

Adapting to fluctuating internet traffic, NetScaler efficiently scales in multi-cloud environments. It offers unmatched throughput and flexibility with its adaptive clustering capabilities, ensuring timely resource adjustments and cost efficiency.



Curious about secure access to Citrix DaaS in a robust hybrid and multi-cloud framework?

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