Establishing a PaaS Platform for Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency

NAMUTECH was selected as the cloud platform company for the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency’s COVID-19 confirmed case multiomics analytics.

With the recent COVID-19 infectious disease outbreaks worldwide, the need for rapid diagnosis and development of therapeutic agents is emerging as a countermeasure. The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, to take prompt action and increase accuracy in response to the outbreak, is holding a multiomics information analysis system for COVID-19 confirmed patients.

The multiomics information analysis system implementation project for COVID-19 confirmed cases consists of data production, information analysis system implementation, hardware implementation, software implementation with an investment of 8.8 billion won.

Among them, NAMUTECH will participate in building a cloud platform for the project and will be applying ‘Cocktail Cloud,’ NAMUTECH’s container orchestration technology.

NAMUTECH official said, “Through this, NAMUTECH looks forward to contributing to public health and safety by implementing a stable private cloud environment for large scale multiomics data analysis for the researchers to run analysis on.”