NAMUTECH acquires patent for original technology that analyzes mass machine data

NAMUTECH announced on the 27th that it obtained a patent for a parallel processing control system for cloud operation data analysis.

The patent relates to a multi-threaded variable control method that receives large amounts of operational data generated from cloud operation infrastructure and structured and unstructured analysis to improve analysis and processing efficiency. It can quickly analyze and monitor various cloud operation infrastructure data. It has secured the source technology to promptly diagnose and monitor multiple system log data and machine data generated from the infrastructure.

With the acquisition of a patent, NAMUTECH proved its technological superiority in efficiently analyzing large amounts of machine data generated from cloud operating infrastructure, including hypervisors, virtual OS, and containers, and flexibly responding to scale-in and scale-out according to the system load.

NAMUTECH has been supplying ‘Cocktail Cloud,’ its multi-hybrid cloud platform based on container technology, and ‘NCC (Namu Cloud Center),’ a virtualization integrated management solution based on VMs and hypervisors, to large corporations, financial institutions, and public institutions.

Sung-Kyou Moon, (executive director) head of NAMUTECH R&D, said, “Through the multi-thread control technology, it is possible to significantly improve the efficiency of data analysis generated by various virtualization software infrastructures used in the cloud, such as virtual machines and containers.” He added, “We will continue to contribute to leading IT innovation by combining next-generation virtualization technology and big data analysis technology.”