NAMUTECH-C Platform, join hands to target public sectors with cloud technology


NAMUTECH and C Platform joined hands to target the cloud market.

NAMUTECH announced a public distributor agreement with C Platform for the hybrid cloud platform, Cocktail Cloud.

This exclusive distributor agreement was made for NAMUTECH to provide professional cloud solutions and consulting services to the public sector. NAMUTECH and C Platform take the lead in building a cloud-native platform customized for companies by providing professional consulting services such as implementation, operation, and technical training for container migration in the existing legacy infrastructure environment.

To create a variety of public references together and to accommodate the requirements of cloud market customers, the two companies will develop virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), as well as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and consulting fields. It plans to strengthen cooperation and provide integrated services.

With NAMUTECH’s partnership with Nutanix, it is expected that it would be possible to meet the public market requirements that required conversion to VDI and HCI environments.

NAMUTECH developed a container-based cloud platform and commercialized it in 2017. Cocktail Cloud is a digital platform (PaaS) that helps enterprises adopt and build cloud-native platforms.

C Platform spun off from ITCEN Comtec Systems, focusing on the IT solution distribution business and IT services.

“Cocktail Cloud is Korea’s first container-based cloud platform,” said Chul Jung, CEO of NAMUTECH, expanding on its appearance by securing large-scale references in finance, manufacturing, and public sectors such as Samsung Electronics, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Shinhan Bank, Hyundai Card, Doosan, and LS. “We will lead the next-generation cloud business by combining NAMUTECH’s unique cloud technology and C Platform’s strong sales know-how,” he added.

Vincent Kim, CEO of C Platform, said, “To prepare for the post-coronavirus, the demand for cloud adoption by companies is increasing, and the implementation method is also diversifying. We will expand our strategic business to flexibly provide services that customers want in a hybrid cloud environment beyond our role.”