NAMUTECH provides ‘NCC’ solution to 8 companies including SK in 2H


NAMUTECH provided its own virtualization solution ‘NCC (Namu Cloud Center)’ to 8 customers including SK and KT&G in the second half of the fiscal year.

Compared to the previous year, NAMUTECH’s NCC sales doubled and from 3 wins in the previous year, it increased to 8 and is growing.

NAMUTECH is strengthening its competitiveness in the market by providing NCC solution to enterprises and financial sectors, and at the same time is creating the market.

NCC has integrative, enhanced management and convenience features on various functionalities for a virtual machine such as automated installation and monitoring, log analysis, and file sharing.

NAMUTECH explained that with NCC, organizations can safely secure their important data and private information from external hacking because the data collected from internet jobs are saved on the central server instead of individual PCs.

Furthermore, the ‘NCC’ portal provides the customers Single Sign-on (SSO) feature which can be easily interworked with the customer’s HR system or groupware and enables convenient access to Cloud PCs.

It also has the auto-provisioning features which automize the management of new hires, system upgrades, maintenance jobs solving the concerns of the IT infrastructure administrators.